Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why Twin Flames Run

There is a runner dynamic in twin flame relationships. Those who have experienced a twin flame relationship- know this dynamic well. There is a constant push and pull and it can feel like every time you take a step forward, you're pushed two steps back. It can feel very intense and painful when you aren't the runner. Here's what I have found that has helped me handle the runner dynamic.

Fear of Rejection:

He may run because he doesn't feel worthy of the connection and fears that once they let you in fully, you'll leave and they'll be rejected by you. He's really running from himself. They are insecure you will reject parts of him he hates about himself. They are petrified of you rejecting him because he will take that as confirmation/proof of his own belief that he is not good enough. He knows the connection is deep. Connection is a gift. They run because they believe ultimately the love will be taken away. Lack of self esteem and self love, and a fear of not belonging is strong in this dynamic. They fear not being accepted and so they run away from judgement and being judged as unworthy.

Fear of Losing:

They are afraid they won't be able to keep you. So it's easier to push you away by being cold and distant. Because then, when they lose you- it won't be because of them, but because of their actions. They want to make it so they can't lose what they don't have. If you never wanted it to begin with, then you won't be mad or sad when it's gone. If he runs you won't truly know him and his flaws. He never lets you get close enough to judge who he is. You'll walk away because of how he behaved and not who he is as a person.

Fear it's a Trick:

He thinks he's unworthy of love and should therefor be punished. He fears and suspects connection is a trick that is tempting him and testing him. He feels he is unworthy of bliss and happiness. He feels the connection is a test to see if he is selfish or naive enough to reach for the twin flame love. He is scared of reaching for it and then it being taken away. He fears he is being delusional and that the connection is too good to be true. He is afraid of believing in something that could be an illusion. He doesn't want to depend on love if it's going to be taken away or if it's just a fantasy.

Fear of Being Consumed:

He fears being consumed by you and the emotions. He has been obsessing just as much as you have. There is an intense longing. These emotions are overwhelming for him. He feels and amazing and at the same time feels the connection is painful. Parts he needs to heal are surfacing alongside of the love connection. He feels consumed by your love and your soul. He hasn't been taught how to process and handle these emotions and they are exhausting for him. He shuts them off and shuts you off too. He can't concentrate on life at all. But when he wants to feel the intensity of the connection again he comes back around.
Ultimately the runners are scared that if it doesn't work they are left with nothing. He wants to go back to normal so when/if you are taken away- he still has something left and can pretend it was nothing extraordinary anyway. He won't let himself taste a life with you. It is imbalanced and not fair, but they are being cruel to be kind. They see weakness in the connection. The Connection makes them feel out of control which makes them feel they need to be strong and cut it off.


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  2. I invited my twin to come for coffie Thea what ever. She fucking blocked me. And deleted my nummer. I thought we want the same

  3. I've been blocked by my twin and unblocked again anywhere from a week to 6 months without contact. But you always know the connection/bond between you is so strong that they will always find their way back to you again. It's like you're connected by a thread that might stretch or tangle but you'll always be connected. When my twin runs now, I think of it lIke they are on a soul journey that is necessary for us both to get closer to the surrender and harmony stage. Hang in there! I know how tough it is!

  4. Wow makes so much sense I could never understand why my twin flame did this to me we met 7 years ago he's been running but always comes back everything is great and than all of the sudden goes MIA I'm left wondering what the heck happened because I know we both felt that amazing connection it's electrifying and magical and than like nothing he dissappears this time he came back I was in a relationship he seemed like he really wanted to try again begged me gor about 3 months once I decided to meet up and ended my previous relationship wh I ch was not working out me and my twin flame spent a month together magical than he blocks me tells me he's really busy with work now and will let me know when he has time

    1. This is exactly how it is for my twin flame and me. We have this connection that is so intense and out of this world. Indescribable. We started this 6 years ago at first he pushed me away and I did move on but that connection was always there in the background we knew how we felt for each other. I split with my partner and we became close again and the connection intensified! He then started seeing someone so I backed off, and he chased me saying he had made a mistake and it had always been me, so we picked up where we had left off, only for him to do the same yet again! We are now not speaking I have decided to leave him alone again. Hunny, they will be back, they just need to admit this connection is not going away and surrender to it. Hope things work out for you xx

  5. What people write here about are not twin flame relashionships, but more likley soul mate ones. Twin flame is sure a gift, but not one we can fully understand yet. Both your worlds would be destroyed after initial meeting. Yes, there will be initial meeting and then years of separation, sometimes reunion possible only after death. There will be MANY barriers seems impossible to overcome. They are maybe separated by significant age difference, time, distance, marriages, other false relashionships, denial, rejection based on looks, or all the above. There will be so much pain...ocean and it won't end. Tragedies, disasters, losses all of it is a must. You will be transformed by pure fire from ashes and not once but as many times as necessary. You can only appreciate all of it after death...More likely you will never be together while already knowing your twin. You may be completly ignored and rejected without chance for any relashionship and that's quite common. That's what kind of gift this is.