Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Recognizing the Twin Flame


It's terrifyingly agonizing to be completely enveloped in this subconscious yearning. 
The body, paralyzed.
The mind, achingly tormented.
It's as if you're both stripped and facing each other open palmed- forced to show, tenaciously needing to see- what so desperately wants to remain hidden.
My thoughts are plagued with an innocent and sensual longing.
A tight hold.
A safe coddle.
A vulnerable sanctuary.
Imagining what it would be like for you to see all of me.
It aches to feel so completely free and perfectly protected.
This unconscious prism feels like treading warm water after a frozen walk.
I wonder if it nabs at you too.
Wide awake and painfully wanting to cling to this fantastical slumber.
I wonder if I'll ever truly feel that way in someone's embrace.
Naked and calm.
Sexually charged and blissfully vulnerable.
A tender and soft clutch that feels like our souls are merging together.
Is this really just a dream?
Perhaps a forced fantasy,
Paralyzed and in agony.
Paralyzed to even fathom uttering a breathless word.
You'd never understand the peacefulness I found with you in that glimpse.
I'll close my eyes tighter and continue wishing this was real.
It's a cruel torture to feel so close when it's merely a ghost of souls in my mind.
I wonder if it could ever be real?
I wonder if two people can ever really share their souls?
We are complete even in our separate state.
Together- a force that would induce spontaneous combustion.
Too Powerful. Too intense. Too raw and real.
I'll treasure this moment always.
The moment I discovered unconditional love.

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